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Daugther of Isis review

Check out Jenna’s review of DOI @ http://jennadoesbooks.com/book-review-daughter-of-isis/

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My Favorite Book Reviewer

I love GoodReads.  It makes it possible to track my reading, create a list of to read books, and an opportunity to review books I read.  But the best part about good reads is that I met someone who is amazing at reviewing books.  Kelsey Ketch is open and honest about how she feels about a book.  Over time she has built up an solid credibility to the point where I rely on Kelsey’s reviews to populate my to read list.  I would be selfish to keep Kelsey to myself, so I am sharing my book resource with you.  See Kelsey’s reviews and other cool posts at her blog:


Tell Kelsey I sent you!


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Burden of the Soul

GoodReads Summary

Burden of the Soul

by Kate Grace (Goodreads Author)

 Clara never asked to be special.
She was perfectly happy e-stalking her crush’s blog, avoiding the attention of the Bronze Brigade clique at school, awaiting the next visit from her avant-garde Aunt Grace, and dreaming of a strange young man … who feels too real to be only a dream.
But then one day, her world literally separates at the seams, as a blinding light rips her mother away right before her eyes. In one, inexplicable moment, Clara is tugged from a life where her biggest worry is how to avoid social scrutiny to having the burden of her mother’s disappearance and her father’s subsequent unhappiness hoisted squarely onto her shoulders.
Precisely one year later, on her 17th birthday, the blinding white light returns. This time, the light brings with it more than just grief. It ushers in a cast of Guardians who have been with Clara all along, waiting for her to awaken and remember a promise she made in another world. When Clara learns what is expected of her, and the price she must pay to restore order, she can only hope that the still dormant ancient soul that lives inside of her is truly fighting on the side of Good.
Burden of the Soul grapples not only with the battle between Good and Evil, and Action and Complacency, but pits its unlikely heroine squarely against herself. Half of Clara is an ancient soul who made a promise to fight a war; the other half is an adolescent girl who never asked to be special.

My Review:

Clara is a teen who is happy to be mediocre.  Personally, I don’t know too many teens that would accept that they are nothing special in any way.  That is where this book’s journey starts.  Clara lives an ordinary life with ordinary friends.  She isn’t motivated in any of her classes except photography. With the loss of her parents and aunt, she is thrown into the world of the Guardians and a mysterious concept related to the soul.  Unfortunately, the story falls short of providing enough detail to truly grasp the concept.  

Another thing I noticed was that for a mediocre English student, Clara’s dialogue utilized a lot of words that seemed unusual for a seventeen year old high school student in a conversation with her peers.

I really hoped this story would sweep me away, but it didn’t meet its potential.

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