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Best Concepts of 2014

Best Concepts of 2014.

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Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!.

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The Simple Joy of Spring Holidays

What ever you believe or what holidays you celebrate, the coming of spring with its burst of colors, inspires the soul with fresh and new beginnings. Take just a moment to close your eyes and take a deep calming breath. The rat race can wait until tomorrow.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover and Happy Spring


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good Morning to you and a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I wonder how each of you celebrate this day of love? Do you have a tradition that you practice yearly or do you do something creative every year or both.
My daughter and I have a standing tradition of taking the day off and having a massage. It is the one day splurge. If it is a good year in a financial sense, we shop at a local mall and followed by lunch. This year the weather is limiting us to the massages, but after digging out snow for two hour yesterday – that is just fine. The rest of the day will be taken up reading in a comfy chair with a good ARC.
Speaking of which – Son of Set by Kelsey Ketch is going to be released on May 2nd – if you haven’t already read her amazing novel Daughter of Isis, the eBook versions is on sale today and tomorrow for 99 cents as a Valentine’s Day special – seriously don’t miss out on this opportunity. Great Valentine’s Day reading that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Please pass this information along!
And again Happy Valentine’s Day!
May your day be ‘Lovely.”

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Six more weeks of Winter

Can anyone remember when the ground hog last predicted spring? I am curious.

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Easter Traditions

When I was little, my mother would take me and my brothers to church while my father hid the Easter eggs, stuffed toys, and candy.  My dad was really good at hiding things and it was quiet a challenge.  When my daughter was little, we followed the tradition for several years.  I took our daughter out, and my husband hid the eggs.  He would suspend the eggs from strings in paper cups.  He too was very creative,  and our daughter loved finding the Easter treats.

While I think having holiday traditions is a good thing, but I also think it is important to start new ones.

So this Easter, rather than color eggs, we are going to make deviled eggs.  In my mind, they are one of the most elegant finger food ever.  They are not only delicious, they are very attractive.  But even though we are starting a new tradition – we are still celebrating an old one.  I am still going to hide eggs. 😉


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Good Luck food for a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Good Morning. It is 8:52 AM in North Carolina and it is officially 2013 for as many hours and minutes.  I have been up since 7:30 AM thanks to my furry friend – my orange tabby – who would simply die without his morning treats.  But in the pro column – all the more time for me to enjoy the traditions of New Year’s Day.

What is on today’s agenda?  GOOD LUCK Food.

I was reading in a magazine that the local tradition is to make ‘good luck’ food on New Year’s Day.  We decided to embrace the local custom because it all sounded yummy.  What is on the good luck menu?

Pork and ham are considered good luck – we opted for ham.  Greens are on the list for luck; we chose collards which are supposed to be particularly lucky.  Potatoes are good luck – we selected sweet potatoes to complete the southern theme.  We will also have asparagus to round out the menu.

What else is cooking or to be more precise, baking?  Cinnamon pecan biscuits and my daughter’s spicy Chex mix.

Needless to say – tomorrow we diet!

Happy New Year – may 2013 be kind to all of you!

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Happy New Years Eve

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

As I reflect on 2012, I am sort of saddened to see the year end. It was a fairly good year for me and I hope it was for you all as well. Tonight, as the undeterred march of time takes us into 2013, I think of all of you who made the past year special and want you to know that I am grateful!

One special shout out for 2012 – Kelsey Ketch – thank you for all your encouragement and tutorials for my blog!

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December 31, 2012 · 7:41 PM

Happy Thanksgiving

It is 7:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving Day and I am reminded of all my blessings great and small. So I wanted to take moment to share them with you.
I am thankful for:
My daughter. Who has grown up to be a beautiful, competent woman and will be graduating from university this year with her masters
My family, neighbors, and friends. All of you who are stuck with me because you are related or live down the road, and all of you have met me and decided to hang around. I appreciate all of you..
My home. As I sit in my big comfy chair in the living room of my townhome, I appreciate having a roof over my head and the heater running against the chill of the morning.
My job. At a time when others are not so fortunate, I appreciate the opportunity to be able to make a living wage.
My tiny Gardens. For which I have named my blog. Front and back of the townhome, they are large enough to give me a place to dig and allow mother nature some natural space amongst the suburban backdrop. They provide safe haven to birds (an amazing variety), small reptiles (always a kick to watch the chameleons and skinks), and a few annoying mammals (aka squirrels).
Our pets. Wally (mine) and Richie (my daughter’s) are red tabbies who are very good company. Wally is next to me in the other big, comfy chair and he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a cat.
Our Subarus. Yes, mine is a 1996 Outback and my daughter’s is a 2003 Forester. And I hope that the both continue to be the best cars we have ever had. Both cars have protected us from harm at least once. They are also paid for – always a blessing.
Today’s challenge is to roast the duck and have it ready as the same time as the sweet potatoes, kale, mushrooms and stuffing. The finale – pumpkin pie.
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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