{Character Profile} Kevin from Daughter of Isis

Kevin is one of my favorite, down to earth characters.

Kelsey Ketch

Character Profile:

Name: Kevin
Age: 17
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Setemple High Social Standing: Outcast
Closest Friends: Wanda, Natara
Girlfriend: Jen?


Giving Jen a hard time. There’s nothing more fun than pushing Jen’s buttons. She thinks she’s so high and mighty, it’s good to keep her grounded every once and a while.

Pharaoh’s Festival. It’s the best annual celebration in Setemple! Merchants and visitors from all over the west coast come to the festival honoring Setemple High’s mascot, which is pretty flippin’ awesome. Kevin especially loves the games at the Sphinx’s Challenge and the Haunted Pyramid, where someone could get the snot scared out of them. How could you pass that up?

Food. Kevin’s a growing boy and can’t deny his stomach. His favorite thing to eat? Corn dogs! He loves corn dogs. Lots and lots of corn dogs.


Seth and…

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