Character Interview: Anubis from Descendants of Isis by @KelseyKetch

An awesome read!

Kelsey Ketch

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I have posted an interview with one of my minor characters, Anubis, from the Descendant of Isis.

anubis-profileAs transcribed from an interview held in Duat.

Egyptian Art Print Ancient God AnubisKelsey: Holy cr*p-sh*t! It’s bloody cold down here.

Anubis: *Laughs* You’ll get used to it.

K: Not likely. I hate the cold. How do you even stand this harsh environment?

A: After living here for thousands of years, you get used to it.

K: *Silence* Right. With how young and handsome you look, I always forget how long you’ve actual lived. All the history you’ve must have witnessed.

A: Actually, I haven’t witnessed much. My time is pretty much spent here, finding and guiding souls to their final destination, then weighing their heart on the scales of Ma ‘at. Kind of a 24/7 job with how many people die. And the little free time I have, I enjoy other, more recreational…

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