Descendants of Isis Personality Quiz + Giveaway

Kelsey Ketch

This is a fun personality quiz I put together based on my novel series, Descendants of Isis. Be sure to leave your answer in the comments below and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the quiz. I’m giving away 6 signed Descendants of Isis bookmarks and postcards (INT). It’s easy and it’s fun! 🙂

  1. Choose your favorite color from the list.
    1. Red
    2. Black
    3. Blue
    4. Green
    5. Pink
  2. Pick a food item you most likely eat.
    1. Steak, mushroom, and ale pie
    2. Anything is good.
    3. Tex-mex
    4. Corn dogs
    5. Salad
  3. What interests you most?
    1. Tennis
    2. Flirting with the opposite sex
    3. Reading
    4. Gaming
    5. Cheerleading
  4. What word best describes your personality?
    1. Stubborn
    2. Charming
    3. Hardworking
    4. Loyal
    5. Subservient
  5. What drink would you like to have with your order?
    1. Tea
    2. Coffee
    3. Water
    4. Soda
    5. Diet soda
  6. If you could live in any one of these cities, which would it be?
    1. London, England
    2. Luxor, Egypt
    3. San Francisco, California

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