Crochet Me a Dream and Dream it with Me

The Fickle Heartbeat

The Unspoken

Shared by Aqeelah Ikram

Sun seeping through the gaps. It is dark inside here but without the cracks created by the force of an angry fist or a careless grip letting you fall to shatter, how else would the light enter?

Once upon a time, when she believed in the American Dream and saw it standing before her in a red and green plaid shirt with a Spirit alight, smile, earring and so much soul, the gaze felt like bright, pure white, hot sunshine on her skin so apt to ice-cold blues of the brutish sky.

She had not idea that the gaps were set to widen by this heavenly light and although that sunshine was set to die away – during a dark starless, moonless night perhaps – a new light would soon appear to stream through the engorged gaps, touch her skin in greater quantities and there…

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