Cover Reveal: London Bound by Amy Daws

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I have a definite soft spot for the London Lovers series. The second book, A Broken Us, was actually the first review request I ever received from an author. It also made me cry on my birthday. The characters were amazing, and author Amy Daws was a master at incorporating real emotion into her work. I was ecstatic when I found out that there would be another book to this series, and that it would be featuring the love story surrounding Finley’s best friend, Leslie. Therefore, I’m happy to participate in the official cover reveal of the third book in the London Lovers series, London Bound.

The Synopsis

London Bound Cover

When your past and present collide, can love surpass it all? When Leslie Lincoln, a spunky, red-headed American, suffers an awkward moment with an arousingly-sexy British man—she thinks her life can’t get any more pathetic. She’s done with men. She doesn’t…

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