5 Characters I’m In Love With

One out of five for me. Love Legolas!

Liberty Falls Down

Because I’m still feeling in the romantic mood (my valentines present still hasn’t arrived at time of writing, some time after valentines day, somewhat extending the holiday for me!) here are five characters from books, film and TV that I have been, or am currently hopelessly in love with.

1. Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

Oh, fourteen-year-old me. My sister and I both had a big crush on Legolas (mostly from the film, though I had read the books and thought he was pretty cool in those too). We had a giant poster of him drawing his bow which made it look like the arrow was always pointing at you. We loved his dreamy blonde locks and his archery skill.

Now I watch it and laugh at him mostly, and at myself for every thinking that was attractive. But then, we have strange ideas about love when we’re young…

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