5 New Year’s Resolutions Doomed to Fail

truth is spoken

Liberty Falls Down

It’s that time of year where people are heading to the gym, embarking on diets, trying to whip their lives into shape in a burst of new year new me energy.

Which is all great and people should capitalise on the energy whenever they can, as it’s so hard to change anything. But when I thought about making resolutions (get back comfortably in my size 10s, exercise more, write more) I realised I’m making the same resolutions I do almost every year. And they’re just doomed to fail.

The problem with failure is once you’ve done it, it’s really hard to come back and feel motivated again. Which is a big reason why January is a really crap time to make difficult changes. It’s a depressing month – it’s dark, cold and miserable, which doesn’t give you much energy to commit to life changes. That’s why the idea to ‘change…

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