Five Egyptian Gods You Don’t Want to Cross

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Kelsey Ketch

The ancient Egyptians worshipped numerous gods and goddesses. A result of the unification of the country’s many territories. Unfortunately, they are now considered remnants and images of a past civilization that lived thousands of years ago. Even so, there were a few of the divine, despite any good intentions, you wouldn’t what to meet first hand. Not in this life, or in the next. Here are the top five Egyptian gods you don’t want to cross:

#5: Taweret

Taweret (also known as Tawret, Taueret, Tawaret, Taurt, Thoeris and Toeris, Ipy, Ipet, Apet, Opet, and Reret) was often depicted as a hippopotamus standing on her hind legs with the paws of a lion and the back of a crocodile. The three most feared and highly respected wildlife species in ancient Egypt. Considered dangerous and potentially a malignant force, Taweret was first associated to be the demon-wife of Apep (the serpent god…

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