Do you know Kelsey Ketch’s Seth O’Keefe from Descendants of Isis?

If you have read Daughter of Isis and Son of Set, you may have noticed a few things about Seth that make his life more challenging that the average teen. Seth Amahte’ O’Keefe is named after his god, Set and his gift, Amahte’ [Egyptian word meaning ‘to have the power over’]. He ‘rules’ his own world at his high school, but he faces serious ridicule at home from his cruel and overbearing father. Some things about Seth worth noting:
1. Seth has copper hair and turquoise eyes, unusual combination compared with many leading male characters.
2. Seth shows genuine concern for his mother, being fully aware that he is not supposed to care.
3. Seth is a bit less enthusiastic about creating total mayhem unlike his friends, Ky and Q.
4. Seth’s father has Seth’s life completely mapped out, including going to Yale and becoming the future Hem-netjer.
5. Seth wants to create his own path and is fed up with his father.
6. Seth’s friends are happy to capitalize on his abilities for their own advantage.
7. Seth has his demons and they can be overwhelming and extremely frightening.
8. Seth has weaknesses and tries to face them.
9. Seth is obviously attracted to Natti, but there seems to be something about her that makes him want to treat her differently than is current clan of ‘groupies.’
10. Seth is growing which makes him an interesting character to read.

If you have been waiting to read Daughter of Isis and Son of Set, maybe this insight into Seth will convince you to give them a try. Seth is a total hottie, check out the Son of Set cover!


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