Ten Things I like about Kelsey Ketch’s Natara Stone [Natti]

If you have read Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch, you know that Kelsey puts a lot of thought into her characters. To begin with, the name Natara in Arabic means sacrifice. It also provides a great nickname, Natti, which sounds like the slang word, natty which is an adjective meaning smart and fashionable. For example, she wore a natty jacket and designer jeans.
So who is Natti?
Natti is from London, England where she lived a normal life. She went to school, she had a circle of friends, took tennis lessons at the Sutton Academy, and lived with her father, the world-renowned author Alexander Stone.
Then unexpectedly, Natti and her father moved from London to a small town in the California High Desert. Her new life presented some extraordinary challenges. Here is why I like her.
1. Natti is stunning, but she does not capitalize on that fact.
2. Natti is intelligent, but does not flaunt it.
3. Natti has a great deal of common sense.
4. Natti chooses her friends very carefully, and is very loyal.
5. Natti is nobody’s fool; she knows when someone is trying to take advantage.
6. Natti loves her family and respects her father.
7. Natti misses her home, but tries to adapt to her new world.
8. Natti likes to try new things.
9. Natti can sense that something is not quite right and heeds that feeling.
10. Natti has a great, subtle sense of humor.

If you read Daughter of Isis, what do you like about Natara Stone? If not, maybe you might find something to like if you do.

Kelsey’s Blog:

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4 responses to “Ten Things I like about Kelsey Ketch’s Natara Stone [Natti]

  1. jenlanebooks

    Lovely post, Sophi! I didn’t know the meaning of the beautiful name Natara and I agree with your ten favorite things about her. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed my post!

  3. Thanks to those who liked my post!

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