Steamy excerpt from Son of Set by Kelsey Ketch

Before Seth could move, Natti’s lips were on his. It took him by surprise. His body automatically tensed up, then quickly relaxed once he embraced the kiss, and he slipped his fingers through her hair.
Natti pulled away with a sly smile. “Does that work for you?”
“Yeah,” Seth panted. “Yeah, I think I got it.”
He shoved some of the dirty clothes to the floor, and leaned her back on the mattress. Natti laughed as Seth crawled on top of her. He took her mouth into his, muffling her soft moans. Her sweet taste drove his system into a boil. He grew hungrier, wanting to devour her whole, but he kept his magic in check. Her hands glided gently across his back and over his shoulders, and a rumble emerged from his throat. The beast was soothed by the soft winter blast that radiated from her fingertips.
Seth had never felt more like his real self than he did at that moment. His dark lust transforming into an addictive passion. He traced gentle kisses down her collar bone. Her body melted underneath him while his hands explored every inch of her skin. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he raised himself above her and stared down at her serene face. Her eyelids fluttered open toward the pile of cloths under her.
Watch for the release this Friday, May 2nd!!


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Filed under Egyptian Mythology, Murder /Mystery, paranormal, Thriller, Young Adult

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