New Adult Sleepover Weekend Giveaway!!

What a great event!

Kelsey Ketch

I’m back from Savannah, Georgia after having a blast at the New Adult Sleepover Weekend. And OMG, if you have never gone to one of these events, I highly recommend you do! I won The Apollo Academy paperback and T-shirt on the first night at the welcome reception. Tried to explore some of Savannah by trolley, only to run like mad (okay, power walk like mad) a mile to get back in time for the author panels. Got to met face-to-face with Jennifer Lane and Magan Vernon, two of my author BFFs! Bought some signed books and collected tons and tons of swag. Ate at the Pirates’ House. And partied in my black Anubis pajamas at the New Adult Sleepover pajama party. Yes, I said my Anubis pajamas! Lol. But I did not sing karaoke. Sorry about that, but trust me when I say it was probably for the best. 🙂


Anyway! Now…

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