The Longest day of the year

Yesterday, we greeted the longest day of the year, which I look forward to and dread every year. I love the lengthening of the day starting in December, but I dread the shortening of the day as we move back toward the winter solstice.
You see, summer has always been my season to be a little more relaxed. When I was a kid, we had the summers off and we reveled in the freedom and the long days and fireflies in the evening. Raising my daughter it was time off from school and the time when she could enjoy her freedom and I didn’t have to worry about school project deadlines and daily homework drills. As she grew up, she spent as much time in class while in college as she did during the rest of the year, but it was still more relaxed. Now as adults we enjoy the first summer without any academic complication. I intend to enjoy every moment of this summer that we can.
I encourage everyone to revel in the freedom of summer and the chance to be a little more laid back.


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