When it’s over

In the last two weeks, my flat mate and I have wrapped up a few series and I just wanted to sum them up.
First was Eureka. I thought this was a fun, upbeat series and actually was a little concerned how it would all end. My fears were allayed in the final season – what a cute ending – thanks SyFy.

The next series was the Twilight Saga – all I can say is thank goodness that’s over. I watched it because I liked the wolves, but it barely held my interest. In short – glad it is over.

Lastly, we said goodbye to Merlin – which like most BBC productions was good with the exception that it was too much of a good thing for too long. The stories were creative, but repetitive and while I enjoy the early seasons a great deal, I couldn’t even watch the last season until we bought the DVD and blasted through it. Reaction – I am so glad Morgana is dead. All the actors and actresses [I mean all] were excellent and I hope to see them soon in other productions.
Of course now the problem is…what to watch?


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