Easter Traditions

When I was little, my mother would take me and my brothers to church while my father hid the Easter eggs, stuffed toys, and candy.  My dad was really good at hiding things and it was quiet a challenge.  When my daughter was little, we followed the tradition for several years.  I took our daughter out, and my husband hid the eggs.  He would suspend the eggs from strings in paper cups.  He too was very creative,  and our daughter loved finding the Easter treats.

While I think having holiday traditions is a good thing, but I also think it is important to start new ones.

So this Easter, rather than color eggs, we are going to make deviled eggs.  In my mind, they are one of the most elegant finger food ever.  They are not only delicious, they are very attractive.  But even though we are starting a new tradition – we are still celebrating an old one.  I am still going to hide eggs. 😉


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2 responses to “Easter Traditions

  1. Happy Easter
    Great post! Thanks for sharing with me.
    You have a great site!

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