Good Luck food for a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Good Morning. It is 8:52 AM in North Carolina and it is officially 2013 for as many hours and minutes.  I have been up since 7:30 AM thanks to my furry friend – my orange tabby – who would simply die without his morning treats.  But in the pro column – all the more time for me to enjoy the traditions of New Year’s Day.

What is on today’s agenda?  GOOD LUCK Food.

I was reading in a magazine that the local tradition is to make ‘good luck’ food on New Year’s Day.  We decided to embrace the local custom because it all sounded yummy.  What is on the good luck menu?

Pork and ham are considered good luck – we opted for ham.  Greens are on the list for luck; we chose collards which are supposed to be particularly lucky.  Potatoes are good luck – we selected sweet potatoes to complete the southern theme.  We will also have asparagus to round out the menu.

What else is cooking or to be more precise, baking?  Cinnamon pecan biscuits and my daughter’s spicy Chex mix.

Needless to say – tomorrow we diet!

Happy New Year – may 2013 be kind to all of you!


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One response to “Good Luck food for a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Yum! Sounds good! Happy New Year!

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