Long Weekend

I decided to take Friday off and celebrate with my daughter. She just wrapped up her work on her masters and will be graduating at the end of 2012.
We started decided to go to a local mall where we wreaked havoc with our budgets. We had lunch at the mall and the restaurant provided a generous serving of red velvet cake to celebrate the occasion. It was a great time.
On Saturday we worked the campaign of our choice from 9AM – 2PM. We canvassed 50 homes in 5 hours. This was the second Saturday in a week that we canvassed and both our bodies had some harsh reaction to that! Even so we had a great time in the fresh fall air, and enjoyed the turning leaves.
Sunday we got up at 8:11 AM and dialed the day back to 7:11 AM. I truly wish that the government would declare the time swapping arcane, and cease it permanently. But if I had to say I liked anything about it, it is the fall back in autumn. The Sunday we gain on hour to the day is makes one weekend in the year a little special, albeit, we pay for that every spring. [Our spring strategy is to move the clocks forward before we retire and lie to ourselves about that regrettable lost hour.] So I am nestled in my big comfy chair, spending my ‘extra’ hour writing, something I rarely get to do.
Happy fall back to you!


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