Give me my Summer Back!!

It is August 21st. Back to school sales started last month, and the local schools are starting classes next week. The colleges have started last week.  It just seems so rushed.

When I was growing up, summer was ended around the middle of June and started the day after Labor Day. And it made sense to me. Now, school ends the first week of June and starts on the fourth week of August.

For me summer brings such a rush of nostalgia.  Oscillating sprinklers in the backyard, water balloon fights, days at the lake.  I spent hours reading mystery books by the dozen or walking to the record store or the bakery. I remember growing up and loving to spend the dog days of August at the beach.  

As an adult, summer has been a time of lower stress for me.  Feeling lazy and blaming it on the weather.  No Guilt.

Labor Day has always been the huge milepost for the end of summer, with its picnics and barbeques, and beach parties.  It is so hard for me to imagine sitting in a classroom and trying to concentrate when there is still weeks of summer left to enjoy.


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