How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Backyard – from National Wildlife Federation

Good Morning.

Even on a dreary morning like today I sit by my window and enjoy hummingbirds and a variety of song birds at my feeder.  So I wanted to share the advice from the NWF on creating a Wildlife-Friendly yard.

1. Grow plants that provide wildlife with a natural food source such as nuts, berries, or nectar, and offer supplemental feeders.

2. Provide water for wildlife with a birdbath, small pond, or shallow dish on the ground.

3. Offer protective cover for wildlife by providing ground cover, a hollow log, rocks, dense shrubs, or a roosting box.

4. Provide places for wildlife to raise young such as nesting boxes, host plants for caterpillers and ponds for frog tadpoles.

5. Practice sustainable gardening such as mulching, composting, or reducing your lawn area.

You can do as many of these things as you please to get started.  For more information and to cerify your yard as a Wildlife Habitat, visit



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2 responses to “How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Backyard – from National Wildlife Federation

  1. How fun to stumble on these tips! I live in a city, but across the street we have a nature trail and a creek. Lately we’ve had a little frog in residence in our front yard. We’ve never seen him but we hear him croaking happily. We’re already doing the first two tips, but it’d be great to increase our wildlife-friendliness factor.

    • Hi Laura,
      I have a variety of birds, blue tailed skinks, little toads and tree frogs, all lots of fun to spy on in the tiny yards i have in front and back of my townhouse. While I miss a larger yard, I console myself with my smaller carbon footprint 🙂

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