A Weekend at the Beach

I love the beach.  There is something about walking in golden sand, with the surf swirling around your ankles, the sun glinting off of the surf, and the laughing gulls swirling overhead.  I was fortunate to spend such a weekend in Beaufort, NC.  Escaping on Friday morning, my best friend and I drove to Moorhead City and dropped our gear at the hotel.  We jumped back into the car and headed to Beaufort, where we took a ferry to Bird Shoal.  What a great place to explore.  While hiking along the beach, a live sand dollar washed ashore.  It was totally fascinating and after a quick peek we returned it to the tide.  Later we explored the west shore where the waves are gentle as the tide comes in.  We observed shrimp, minnows, hermit crabs, and blue crabs coming into shore.

On Saturday we took the ferry to Shackelford Banks.  This is another wonderful island to explore.  On the south side the ocean roars at you, on the north side of the island the gentler tide of Back Sound whispers.  Our hike yielded some beautiful shells.  

 It was a wonderful experience, and we even got a tan.

After our beach fix, we visited the Beaufort Maritime Museum, where we discovered that the relics from the Queen Anne’s Revenge are on display.  Blackbeard’s ship was discovered off the coast of NC and the assortment of goods that have been recovered on her are amazing.

Also in nearby Atlantic Beach, we toured Fort Macon.  The structure brings the Pentagon to mind in its outline and it is amazing how many military structures are five sided. 

After Fort Macon, we drove down the road to visit Pine Knolls Shores, the home to one of the NC Aquariums.  This one has interior and exterior displays which are fascinating. 

It was a great weekend, and it’s Wednesday and I still have a grin on my face when I remember it.


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  1. Great travel post, Sophi! Beaufort is like one of the greatest places to visit!! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!

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